Our entire consulting process is focused on your child – and on finding an educational or therapeutic environment in which he or she will be successful, and where you will be confident in your choice. While we tailor each assignment to a particular family’s needs, these are the typical steps:  

Interviews with you as parents (and your child if appropriate) to identify your child’s needs and goals, including academic, social, geographic and financial considerations

Evaluation of transcripts, reports and recommendations, current testing, activities and interests

Consultations with other professionals in your child’s life, such as therapists and school counselors, and with other adults who know your child well.



Referrals if necessary, for further testing, tutoring and/or admissions test coaching

Development of recommendations for appropriate schools or programs

Guidance and instruction in preparing applications, writing admissions essays, visiting schools, and interviewing

Help with arrangements for visiting schools or programs and for admissions testing, including individual administration of the Secondary School Admissions Test (SSAT) 

Ongoing contact with admissions offices throughout the application process

Consultation with the family on the final choice of school or program

Follow-up for as much as a year after placement, to monitor the "fit" for your family and your child.  

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