“I felt my child needed more help then I was able to give. That's when I found Ruby Laufer. Step by step Ruby walked me through the process of finding a placement for my daughter. First, Ruby suggested we get an accurate assessment. My daughter had a thorough evaluation and we were very surprised to find out that her diagnosis was nothing we expected. Now her recovery began. Ruby was with me every step of the way, looking for the right school for my child. I looked at several schools before I picked one. These were specifically chosen by Ruby to best work with my daughter's needs. My daughter graduated and is doing great!!! With Ruby's help and guidance we were able to find answers and help when we previously could find none. Every day I'm thankful that I found Ruby.”

“I don’t know if you will remember us but I just wanted to send you a quick email with a couple of photos of our daughter’s Graduation. She was a very troubled teenager seven years ago. You assisted us with an intervention and schooling options which, even though very difficult to do at the time, turned out to what my husband and I believe was the best decision for our daughter. She has just graduated from Philadelphia University with a BS in Fashion Design. We are so proud of her and all her hard work. She did it!!!!!!!!! I am truly grateful that there was someone like you to help us find a program that worked for our daughter. Thank you again.”

 “So I once again thank you for all of your help. You put us on track when we had no direction and you gave us hope to find a better environment for all of our kids. (Our son) will be a productive and caring member of society at (boarding school) as well as throughout life because of the direction and support you gave us as a family.”

“Jody was absolutely essential to the process of finding the right school. I would recommend his services to anyone.” 

“I remember the dreaded, dark, panicked place (my husband and I) found ourselves last winter. We had exhausted our possibilities for helping (our son)find his way out of his drug-induced state of mind. We needed help immediately. The clock was ticking against our son’s ability to survive.... The minute I met you, I felt comfortable. And, indeed, your seasoned guidance and knowledge led us to a path we never knew existed. Since then, the hard shell of addiction has been cracked open. The positive, healthy journey we experience today is humbling. Even though there is still much to learn, our hearts are filled with gratitude and hope for the future. Thank you, Jody, for helping us save our beloved son.”        

"Two years after my husband died, my 15 year old son was in a downward spiral. He was failing in school, disrespectful, smoking pot and trying desperately to avoid the grief he felt. I turned to Dobson Educational Services for help. Ruby advised me as to what my options were.  I chose a wilderness therapy program which she had visited and felt very comfortable recommending. The experience turned my son's life around. After wilderness, Ruby helped me to choose the right therapeutic boarding school for him. My son has ADHD and although he needed the therapeutic piece, he also needed a program that would meet his needs academically. He needed somewhere that he could experience success and begin to grow, mature and flourish. Ruby helped me find that place. I am forever indebted to her for her help getting my son back."

"We were thrilled with Dobson Educational Services! Jody Dobson helped guide us through the testing process, and then administered the SSAT test in his office, which was a huge help. He then helped us settle in on the *perfect* school for our daughter. His wealth of experience and knowledge of available schools was more than we could have hoped for. Can’t recommend Jody and his company strongly enough."

-- Mark O. Philadelphia, PA.


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