If your child is struggling, the signs can be subtle: decline in school performance, changes in habits and friendships, difficulties with family rules and expectations. Sometimes there can be a crisis that calls for immediate action. Indicators can include drug and/or alcohol abuse or dependence; anger, defiance, or aggression; lack of self-esteem; isolation and computer overuse; anxiety and depression; family conflict; academic underachievement or school refusal; negative peer groups; the impact of grief, loss or other trauma. No matter where on the range your child is, there are programs that are specifically designed to address these issues. We know these programs well and can help you find the right ones for your child.

Successful outcomes may require some type of residential environment. Options may include: wilderness therapeutic programs, boarding schools with therapeutic support, residential treatment centers, recovery programs, and in some cases, hospital-based assessment and treatment.

Many therapeutic programs incorporate the healing power of the wilderness in their work with struggling teens and young adults. In beautiful and safe natural settings, participants are guided towards insight, self-reliance and self-respect.

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