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Parents considering schools are often attracted by the academic quality and discipline of independent (private) schools, which can create their own academic and admissions standards, challenging curricula, and safe, healthy cultures.

Independent schools provide exciting learning environments, often away from immediate distractions, where students can provide countless academic and  extra-curricular opportunities to maximize a child's potential and develop new interests, skills and life-long friendships.

The mid-Atlantic metropolitan areas boast a wealth of excellent independent day schools. We know these schools well, and can make informed recommendations to provide the best match with your son or daughter’s academic and extra-curricular needs and interests. As members of IECA, a national network, we can also assist parents with independent day school choices in other parts of the country.     


“Schools evolve and change; the reputation of a school is usually half a decade away from the reality. An educational consultant who really knows the school can provide a more accurate and nuanced perspective.”  

The list below is categorized by geographic region. Click on the name of a school to view the school's website. 
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