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  • We are working remotely... Contact us by phone or email and follow us on facebook!...

A good deal of our time is spent traveling and visiting schools and programs-locally, nationally and occasionally abroad. On average, we travel to visit schools and programs at least one week each month, either on our own or with groups of consultants. In order for us to provide you with an informed recommendation, it's critical for us to have on-site experience at as many of these resources as possible - as well as personal relationships with their admissions and operations teams.

There is a wealth of information about programs available on the internet-sometimes an overwhelming amount of information. Parents often find they need the advice and perspective of someone who knows about children and how they learn, someone who has visited the school and knows the realities of the programs and its culture - the foundation for any sound recommendation. 

We also follow the progress of each child we place for a full year, receiving copies of all school reports, visiting on campus if possible and continuing to consult with the family and with the school or program.

Click SCHOOLS and PROGRAMS to view the entire list of schools that we've visited. 


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We have toured hundreds of campuses, spending time meeting admissions officers and staff members; visiting classes and meeting current students; and exploring schools' living environments. 
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